HorsePlay ...the Band

Picture Gallery

Newbury Park Fireside Concert Series

featured TJ Zeiler - guitar, Jeff Linsky - lead guitar, Steve Linsky - bass and Charletta Erb - fiddle

Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest Annually

Camarillo Library Annual Concert

Camarillo Rotary BBQ

with guest lead guitarist Randy Covington

Ojai Deer Lodge  - with guest singers Connie & Sheila!

TJ Zeiler, Gordon Roberts, Peter Te, Steve Linsky

Camarillo Springs Dinner Dance 

Ojai Deer Lodge -  with Brody, our youngest actual fan at 21 months!

Ojai Deer Lodge -  with guest fiddler Joel!

TJ Zeiler, Gordon Roberts, Paul Tatto, Steve Linsky




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